Interior decor painting

Local Painters specializes in a wide range surface finish services. Our painting services include; 1. Interior décor painting services: this includes ceiling, interior walls, trim, cabinets and doors.

Exterior painting

Exterior painting works for your home, this encompasses; exterior walls, professional sash window painting.

Commercial painting

Commercial painting, office blocks, sales properties. At Local Painters, we acknowledge how hard it can be to plan and facilitate a redecoration of either of these enlisted environments and our team of specialists has a great deal of experience in enabling this to happen with the minimum of disruption to your organisation.

Decorative and Planning

We also provide general decorative and planning, such as; park and garden decorations among other services, as per the clients’ request. We are also coherent with modern trends in current markets and thereby offer wallpapering services, here we guide on selection, carryout the planning and actual hanging of the wallpapers. As a compatriot in the construction industry, we offer professional plastering services.

Special Coating

We also apply special coating that meet the hygienic and aesthetic requirements for places such as hospitals, laboratories, industrial setups, kitchen areas and other areas that demand tough and highly durable surface finish. With regard to years of experience, we offer our customers assistance regarding specification, programme and site logistics. We also assure our clients that our skilled and seasoned specialists’ applications will last the test of time. We also make sure that for such specials system, the finest details are considered with utmost care to ensure the desired integrity of the corresponding hygienic coating is delivered.

Since we value your time, we offer to work in odd hours such as in the evenings, weekends or during shutdown periods. This way we ensure minimal disruption.